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Katsumi Omori

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Katsumi Omori

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Subete wa hajimete okoru (Everything happens for the first time)

Subete wa hajimete okoru (Everything happens for the first time) is the latest project by Katsumi Omori, a well-known Japanese photographer. Since 2001, Omori has photographed cherry blossoms at various places all over Japan. The spring of 2011, after the gigantic earthquake and tsunami which attacked northern Japan, was no exception. This book contains fifteen photos which were taken through Omori's road trip this spring, from Tokyo and Urayasu (the suburb of Tokyo) where he lives and works, to the north; Fukushima, Iwaki, Hirono, Minami-Soma and Iitate which had been / and still is damaged by Tsunami and nuclear accidents. What would you see within the photos of cherry blossom, all of which are vertical position and have pink reflection within? The book is remarkably large in scale (box size / 392mm x 478mm), and so are each photos (265mm x 400mm). Takes the shape of a "book," pages are not bound, hence how to appreciate the photos are totally up to the readers. Comes with a box.

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2011 / 15 photographs
  • 460mm×380mm / portfolio
  • Limited Edition. 350 Copies.
  • MA000_00021
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8Kg


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