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Masayuki Yoshinaga

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Masayuki Yoshinaga

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Dear Mr. and Mrs.

Because my friends were old-fashioned, anachronistically domineering husbands, their wives have consulted me on many occasions about the unquestioning acceptance of such behavior in old times. As a photographer, I wanted these types of husbands to think more about the perspective of their wives, which is what gave me the idea of photographing quarrel scenes in which the husbands are being dominated by their wives. When considering the characteristics of contemporary society, one thing that constantly stands out is the strength and sagacity of women. If I may say so myself, I believe that these photographs give at least a small taste of the strength and menace conveyed by these women―at least that was my intention. In closing, I would like to express my sincere thanks all of the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” who agreed to be photographed for this project.

Masayuki Yoshinaga

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2013 / 24 page / 11 photographs
  • 182mm×257mm / softcover
  • Limited Edition. 700 Copies.
  • MA000_00028
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