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Masafumi Sanai

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Masafumi Sanai

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Shima-Shima (Island Island)

51 color photographs that were taken during the trip Sanai visited his friend, painting artist, Shinro Otake in Uwajima where Otake's atelier and a beautiful island, Naoshima, in Seto Inland Sea, in 2010. The title "ShimaShima" is mixed two places' names. The book size is 420 mm square that was maximum size to be bound thread overlock in Japan as same as his last publication "Sekisha". Its heavily weight make doubling a thrill of turning over the leaves of the book. All images are bleed. The letters of book title on the cover was firstly made by hand-writing by the photographer and later processed polypropylene. The book contains Sanai's sincere thanks to each reader and his provocative attitude to create.

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2010 / 104 page / 51 photographs
  • 420mm×420mm / hardcover
  • Limited Edition. 1000 Copies.
  • MA000_00016
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8Kg


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