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Hideyuki Suto

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Hideyuki Suto

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Crocodile Tears

The project in collaboration with Takashi Kawamura, a director and writer (b.1959), Toru Tezuka, an actor (b.1962), and Hideyuki Suto, a photographer , was crystallized into the experimental book.

The origin of this project was come from shooting the poster for the theater play titled ‘Crocodile Tears’ of 2008 directed by Kawamura.
Tezuka as a model shook his head without opposition.
Suto pushed his shutters while the head describing paradolic lines irregulary.

Every photograph captures Tezuka’s eyes shinning for an instant intentionally or accidentally.

Kawamura writes new poets lastly.
He has been well-known by a standard bearer of stage performance and also writing many novels, essays and critics.
He also organizes his own company called T-Factory.

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2008 / 24 page / 11 photographs
  • 285mm×300mm / softcover
  • Limited Edition. 700 Copies.
  • MA000_00005
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