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Akihide Tamura

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Akihide Tamura

M/Light label No.1


MATCH and Company was established by Tadashi Machiguchi in 1971.
His sons, Satoshi (b.1971 in Tokyo) and Hikari (b.1975 in Yokohama) were given talent education since childhood by their father.

M Light label aims to invite new understanding about the photography of an experienced generation among young people.
Book design of this label is done by Hikari. (Hikari means light in Japanese).
The book is the first project of new label.

The series of Akihide Tamura in twenties, “House,” was involved in the exhibition “New Japanese Photography” at MoMA curated by John Szarkowski and Shoji Yamagishi, 1974.
His life has been accompanied with rapid changing after the second world war in Japan and his photograph continues to record his keen feeling in such metamorphosis impressively.
The book is consisted of 23 black / white works since 1969 through 89.

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2009 / 32 page / 23 photographs
  • 249mm×261mm / softcover
  • Limited Edition. 700 Copies.
  • ML000_00001
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2Kg


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