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Kozo Miyoshi

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Kozo Miyoshi

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The book ORIGIN was composed of ?? photographs for 10 years since 1972 through 1982. Miyoshi says, “I took photographs with NIKON 35 mm camera and Rollei 6x6 format camera between 1972 and 86. Around 1982 I started to use 8x10 format and the book ORIGIN contained the photographs my beginning to just before starting large format camera”. Hikari says “I hope to see the works of Miyoshi in his first period. For my generation, he is known as the photographer who uses large format camera of Diadolf, 8x10 and recently 16x20.” Miyoshi and HIkari has been talking about Miyoshi’s career. The book includes “exposure”(1979) and “See Saw”(1982). He printed unpublished works for “ORIGIN”.

When Miyoshi became 60 years old, he started to teach young pupils at photography college. “First, I thought my most sincere manner to them was showing them my recent works by 8x10 and inquired them what they were doing, but, soon I found 8x10 was too far from them and not a common medium between us. So, I showed them 35mm and 6x6 works when I was starting in the same field to communicate with them better. Cause of the situation, I enters into the concept of this book smoothly.”, Miyoshi continues, “I entrusted Hikari every elements of the book, the title, the composition, the size, designing, binding, printing…For me the original photographs are everything, so I thought what I should do for the book was to make my best prints.”.

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2010 / 64 page / 31 photographs
  • 402mm×300mm / hardcover
  • Limited Edition. 700 Copies.
  • ML000_00002
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