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Yoshihiro Tatsuki

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Yoshihiro Tatsuki

M/Light label No.5


Tatsuki was born into a family that operates an old and established portrait studio.He moved to Tokyo to attend Tokyo junior College of Photography (forerunner of Tokyo institute of Polytechnics, Tokyo Kogei Daigaku). While at the college,he exhibited photographs of his family at the Fuji Photo Salon,which had just opened at the time. After graduation,he began working as a photographer at Ad Center, where Seiichi Horiuchi worked as art director. Tatsuki's name entered the limelight when he was just 26-years-old with the publication of A fallen angel, an astonishing 56-page feature of his photographs shot for Camera Mainichi. Since starting as a freelance photographer in 1969, he has worked on the frontlines of the advertising, magazine, publishing, and motion picture industries. He has published a particularly large number of works addressing female subjects. His best-known works include GIRL, EVES, Private Mariko Kaga, Aoi Toki, My America, and Portrait of Family.

  • MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.
  • 2013 / 56 page / 33 photographs
  • 363mm×255mm / hardcover
  • Limited Edition. 700 Copies.
  • ML000_00005
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2Kg


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